Mercedes Class B Electric Drive, advance of the offensive power of Mercedes in Paris

Mercedes Class B Electric Drive

Developments continue shelling automotive brands will present at the Paris Motor Show, which starts in just over a week. Mercedes is one of the companies that is taking longer to release information of developments launched there. This afternoon just released the first details of the Mercedes Class B Electric Drive, which will become one of the first electric series marketed by Mercedes-Benz.

Based on the new generation of Mercedes B Class, combustion engines mounted conventional versions have been replaced by an electric engine that delivers 100 kW (136 hp) and a torque of 310 Nm. The numbers are almost identical to the Mercedes B 200 CDI turbodiesel (136 hp and 310 Nm). The brand has not provided the benefits presented in this model, so we can not make a direct comparison with the equivalent internal combustion engine.

Not reported capacity battery that mounts the Mercedes Class B Electric Drive, but the firm says it has a range of up to 200 km. It will have a conventional charger 230 V and a fast charge to 400 V. Outwardly no noteworthy changes except the absence of exhaust and tail of electric blue paint was used in the photography unit. It also has adhesive identification.

At the moment these are the only details we know the Mercedes Class B Electric Drive. Be officially presented at the Paris Motor Show and will share the spotlight with two other electric models presented Daimler production: the Mercedes SLS AMG Coupé and Electric Drive smart fortwo Electric Drive. The German group finally present production versions of both models are already rolling on the world in prototype form for years. In about a week we will know the details of these three models, which will hit the market in 2014.

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