Mercedes Class A presentation and test in Slovenia – Design and sportiness: the keys to the new Mercedes compact

The new A Class is the most evident sign that something is happening at Mercedes-Benz, a brand that has bet to rejuvenate its clients enhancing their presence in the compact segment with the launch, first, a genuine five-door compact car, later a small “coupe” four doors and officially confirm that there is a new compact SUV the GLK and very focused on the city and the road. We know also the price of Mercedes A-Class five-door, a model that will not currently bodywork of three doors or convertible.

We’ve been talking for some time the Mercedes Class A and represents a qualitative leap over its predecessor, introducing a new segment and radically changing philosophy to bet on an idea that better respects the spirit of the brand. Far from advertising slogans and marketing slogans, anyone who steps into the new Class A check that this is a completely different vehicle, nothing to do with the model that is still marketed until a few months.

According to Mercedes this was the right time to join the party of the compact and work on the new product line should take the brand to produce more than 10.6 million units in 2021, almost doubling the production of recent years. Our opinion differs slightly, however in this case, better late than never. Mercedes-Benz expects to sell 8,500 units Spain of the new Mercedes Class A in 2013, its first full year on the market, and maintain a monthly reservation rate of about 1,000 units, even higher than that quota shall initially.

Do not just be a brand new Class A, but also be seen
After countless tests in the wind tunnel the Mercedes Class A, according to its creators, has the best drag coefficient in its class. Regardless, it is obvious that the designers have worked in a risky and bold aesthetic, very distinct lines, wide waist and muscularity that gives the design of the rear wings and wheel arches. From the most basic model has been chosen quite aggressive defenses, a charming spoiler or a rear diffuser, which reached a peak in the Mercedes Class A 250 Sport also incorporates front grill which has replaced the discrete nest black bee chrome spot.

Sportsmanship also wins his whole design drawing. Despite having risen three feet in length, its height over its predecessor fell 18 centimeters. The Mercedes A-Class has an elongated snout and an unusually low roofline, which prevails a low center of gravity and a dynamic skills probably leaders in its segment – and I talk about this in the second part of this test – but also conditions habitability, comfort on board or cargo space of the trunk.

Driving the new Mercedes Class A with the rear single storey almost
The cockpit is driver-oriented, but mostly to enjoy the benefits of the vehicle. Its design premium position on the basis of very low driver’s seat, very nice person when we go to negotiate curves. But in the more practical, such as urban driving can be a default to dominate the front end have to adjust the seat base in a position unusually high for this vehicle would not be ready for its line of roof low.

On units with manual shift lever has been placed in the center console, in a fairly comfortable position. The electric parking brake is standard and is under the steering wheel to the left. Despite its low roofline and the rear or the front of a tall pecan too low, although in this sense, the Class will not be a virtuous or the best in its segment.

Probably one of the major flaws, which also has occasional rivals like the BMW 1 Series is the lack of visibility, especially the windshield and rear. The culprit is the dynamic of their own body. One solution that Mercedes-Benz has taken to solve the visibility problem has been to incorporate a rear parking camera.

Connectivity Class A: Living in the “cloud” rolling on the asphalt
Mercedes-Benz needed a compact attractive for young people – are expected to penetrate especially in an age range between 30 and 35 – and thought first design and then on meeting the basic needs of anyone desiring a compact, needs that have been covered many times over. But also needed a car loaded with gadgets and great connectivity. An integrated display on the dashboard will be responsible for centralizing navigation, sound and advanced features online and synchronized with an iPod, iPhone or Apple iPhone. In principle there will be no option whatsoever for Android smartphones or Windows.

The position of the screen is excellent and its size is more than enough to make this very visible. The main interface used is a rotary switch on the center console that allows us to quickly navigate through menus, but also features voice-controlled functions and automated text reading. The design of the software has been developed in full rigor to avoid as far as possible the driver, but with so many features it may be difficult not to be distracted. Personally I think it is much more successful design of a retractable screen, such as the Audi A3, which is automatically hidden in the dashboard. In the case of Class Mercedes is fixed.

Among the advanced features can be found online digital radio channels, synchronization with Facebook (change of state, reading the stream of updates of our contacts) sync with Twitter, the Internet search business or a rather curious feature that allows auto-responder calls or incoming emails with a map that specifies our position and the time it takes to get to an appointment. Later also be integrated with the application Siri Simply Apple.

Mercedes Class A lot of standard equipment to justify its high base price
While it is true that the price from which part a Mercedes Class A priori it may be unfavorable when compared with rivals, to do justice it must be said that the provision of a series of Class A is quite complete and in most cases superior. Standard includes electric parking brake, brake, Adaptive Brake, active bonnet (for pedestrian protection), collision avoidance system and for the Spanish market, from the most basic finish Style already included steering wheel and gear knob covered leather, stereo up to 20 CD and Bluetooth and bi-xenon headlights, among others.

The sports seats upholstered in faux leather mixed and fabric (ARTIC) are a delight for anyone looking for a moderately sporty option, elegant and comfortable. For about 800 € we can equip power adjustment and three memory not only for the driver’s seat, but also for his companion.

The system of lane departure vibrates the steering wheel if it detects that we have passed a line on the asphalt without turning the lights direction. Blind Spot Assist system warns of the presence of vehicles in the blind spot with a LED that lights in the area of the mirror and an audible warning. The Distronic system also warns if the vehicle detected by analyzing a series of parameters such as wheel turns or lane changes involuntary, we’re tired or hazardous driving conditions.

The best virtues of the new Mercedes Class A driving it come to light
All that said, it is best to await the second part that will probably also be the most important. I doubt that we are in the compact more agile and dynamic range from the most basic and affordable. Personally I think the best virtues of the new Mercedes A-Class come to light to get behind the wheel and test your skills dynamics. We had occasion to try one of the most affordable diesel, the A 200 CDI 136 hp, although according to the most popular Mercedes A 180 CDI will be the 109 hp. Also a reference gas, the A 200 to 156 hp. Both had manual transmission.

Finally we jumped in a makeshift airfield in a closed circuit, the new Mercedes Class A 250 Sport, the most powerful and athletic with 211 hp awaiting the launch of A 45 AMG. The latter reach the Spanish market later this year, probably November or December with a base price of € 37,891.

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