Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake: rumors are that there will be wagon version of the CLA

It seems that Mercedes may be working on developing a family version of the prototype derivative Style Concept Coupé. If we all hope that this concept car way to a saloon coupes dyes in brief accompanying the new Mercedes Class A under the name of CLA now rumored also could meet with a proposed station wagon derived from this prototype: a CLA Shooting Brake.

After meeting only a few days ago the new Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake, which had been camouflaged and rolling over and over again, seems that it is possible that within a couple of years we know also the younger brother of the CLS family to be located in the range within the family of Class A.

Rumors, signed by Autocar, suggest that although not confirmed the information from Mercedes, the German company is preparing a version of Style Concept Coupé, we anticipate the line of CLA, which would have a familiar body holding lines with a touch sporty coupe, despite having 4 doors.

According to Autocar the CLS Shooting Brake would not be the only model to be presented with the philosophy of Mercedes coupe, muscle and sportsmanship intertwined with the convenience of your body. Furthermore, Coach even drew an advanced stage and we may be familiar with this version of the CLA only within 2 years.

For your mechanical and hopefully would be called, as in the CLA, with engines already on the Class A, and the possibility of encountering versions four-wheel drive, all also based on the modular platform MFA. Besides being able to see in 2014, Autocar suggests a starting price of 35,000 euros for this new example of “something is happening in Mercedes.”

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