Mercedes C-Class, and released the 1.6 Turbo gasoline Class A

The automotive industry is posed solutions “tiny” to major challenges such as reducing emissions and consumption to which we face. As it progresses Mercedes-Benz a new step in its strategy of miniaturization of engines, which passes through the entry into the Mercedes C-Class range of efficient four-cylinder turbocharged petrol and only 1,595 cm3. This is the same engine that recently premiered the new Mercedes Class A with 122 and 156 horsepower respectively.

It is likely therefore that the starting price is also reduced.

In the absence of official confirmation we suspect that the new engine fitted by Mercedes Class C with 156 hp replaced the block of 1,796 cm3 of C 180 BlueEFFICIENCY, achieving very low fuel consumption, emissions and decent performance similar to diesel counterparts thanks the intervention of the turbo. Since this engine develops about 128 g / km of CO2, we understand that as the tax rate based on emissions of Spain, in our country this Class C gasoline engine access would be located on the stretch of 4.75% in the registration tax.

In short, give way to a new generation of engines with varying degrees of displacement – the latter usually happen – aim to bring efficiency without a reduction in benefits to a new level. Recall that in the case of diesel, the new Mercedes A-Class has come to rely even Renault’s 1.5 dCi engine, one of the blocks savers tuple consisting of the French with Nissan.


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