Mercedes-Benz S Aesthetics: these are the lines of future S Class

Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics S

Mercedes shows us the first details of the future Class S. It does so in a week’s premieres. A week in which the new Golf will know in a few hours, which will also see the Audi RS5 Cabrio, all data on the new Range Rover and also possibly the new Ford Mondeo. Mercedes now leaves us with a brief overview of the next Mercedes S-Class

With the name of Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics S German firm presents through an artistic design baselines of the next generation Mercedes S-Class Vaguely lines that allow us to begin to imagine, with a lot of imagination, as may be the next flagship Mercedes.

Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics SThis “sculpture” Hand Comes, a projection of the Paris Motor Show. There is not expected to mark the model we present beyond this design exercise that anticipates its forms, however that if you wait, as rumors suggest (the brand has not confirmed yet) is the Mercedes Class-A prestacional, the A45 AMG would come with all-wheel drive 335 hp along with a development of the sportier chassis and aesthetics, and price, according to the work of AMG.

Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics SSoon we can expect for now with the lines shown beyond the marked features of the two lateral nerves of his more in line with what we see in the latest models of the brand, special mention to the side of the Mercedes-Benz Concept Coupe Style instead of a softer lines of the current S-Class is priced to remember starting 78,472 euros and has engines from 204-544 hp.

Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics SThe arrival of the Mercedes S-Class is expected for next year, it says it is already virtually completed and also the firm could be assessing their presentation in China rather than in Frankfurt as expected. Paris may arise any more information on this sedan, it is more likely that we still have to wait until 2013 to see some new detail beyond the lines presented with these “sculptures”.

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