Mercedes Benz B Class 2015 completely renovated

mercedes-benz-clase-b-2015The German brand staged its new compact MPV class B, the same which was released in 2005, a second generation in 2011 Now comes completely renovated and probably its best. With new design more profiling, new and decorative details, new colors, new tires and new electric drive technology.

Inherits motorization

While this third generation of Mercedes Benz B Class 2015 arrives completely renewed, the issue innovations motorization there but much of automotive technology is inherited from the second generation (Mercedes Benz B Class 2011).

We can start arriving with the same propellants; ie B 180 CDI diesel engine 109 hp, B 200 CDI which translates into a yield of 136 hp and B 220 CDI, which in turn pays out 170 hp. The other petrol engine 122 hp B 200, B 220, which yields 184 hp and 250 B respectively, rising to 211 hp performance. What is new is the “4Matic AWD” on the B 200 CDI option to B 220 also comes a new version of engine 156 hp natural gas, first used in the German compact MPV.

Unpublished electric version

For the first time Mercedes Benz B Class presents a 100% electric version, which has dubbed “Class B Electric Drive”, which shall render and have the same power as the 180 hp version.

Improved design

You only have to look at the new Mercedes Benz B Class and find many new details in the design (compared to the second generation 2011). It has been changed and improved design in the bumpers and grill, has new headlights with LED daytime lighting (except electrical and natural gas version), the decorative details are also notorious. And we can find in 12 different shades of bodywork. New finishing lines (Style, Urban and AMG Line); new tires 18 inch perforated brake discs.

More technology

The console has a modern 8-inch touch screen, new keyless system “Keyless-Go”; has improved the care system driver “Attention Assist”, and collision warning “Collision Prevention Assist Plus”.

The new Mercedes Benz B Class 2015 will go on sale in Europe in the month of January 2015, and will buy from 30.675 euros.

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