Mercedes-Benz B Class 2012, more dynamic and a great evolutionary leap

According to Darwin’s theories of evolution of life forms on Earth may be due to different mechanisms, ranging from the natural selection that made the strongest individuals survive to major evolutionary leaps caused by mutations that benefited certain species. If we were to extrapolate to the automotive industry, most likely the latter is the case of Mercedes-Benz B Class 2012.

Already we had been advancing recently, the new Mercedes-Benz B represent more than just an update on the model launched in 2005, is actually an important step forward. According to Mercedes-Benz evolution of the minivan is so significant that none of the pitches he made ​​so far has introduced many new technologies and developments as will the Class B.

But let us step by step developments present the compact MPV from Mercedes-Benz also the line ahead of us will follow the Class Mercedes future.

A new Mercedes B-Class also lower but longer and wider

The new Mercedes-Benz B will be slightly longer and wider but lower. This model leaves gradually developing minivan concept to accommodate the advantages of a station wagon body type, the lower and elongated. This not only gives a more dynamic but also lowers the center of gravity, improve your poise and position of passengers in a cabin is more spacious now.

In fact, according to Mercedes-Benz will have space in the rear legroom is superior even to those in large sedans Class E and Class S, combined also with the more upright posture and ergonomic seating of the Mercedes Class B .

Also very spacious. In fact originally the trunk volume is 488 liters, but can easily be increased slightly ahead of the rear seat bench about 140 millimeters, thanks to the EASY-VARIO-PLUS and get a load space of up to 666 liters maintaining the five squares of the carrier.

The interior of the new Mercedes B-Class 2012 and had recently been held accountable. New materials of higher quality, distribution of the most practical and elegant details at the same sports, inspired among others in the Mercedes SLS AMG sports.

Mercedes Class B: diesel and gasoline from 109 to 156 hp and in the future maybe an electric

But besides the aesthetic changes, chassis and bodywork, the new Mercedes-Benz B is efficiency and technology. Mercedes-Benz has used engines and transmissions much more compact so that these can be accommodated comfortably in the new engine compartment, whose volume has been reduced to shorten the front overhang and make more room in the cockpit, on four support points: two fixed and two oscillating media. The sound insulation and vibration reduction has been one of the very aspects to be considered by the engineers.

The petrol engine range opens new four-cylinder (internal designation M270) with direct injection and can be mounted on both transverse and longitudinal position. Class B will be released with 1.6 liter engines and two power levels: the B 180 with 122 hp and 200 Nm of torque at 1,250 rpm and on the other hand the B 200 with 156 hp and 250 Nm of torque maximum, also starting at 1,250 rpm.

The range of diesel engines mounted an enhanced version of the four-cylinder OM561 Class C and Class S. This is a mechanical 1.8-liter common rail of the third generation. The choices will be two. The B 180 CDI with 109 hp and 250 Nm of torque at 1,400 rpm from the other side and the B 200 CDI 136 hp and 300 Nm at 1,600 rpm.

Standard on all engines from Mercedes-Benz B Class 2012 will be associated with a six-speed manual transmission that can be replaced by the new dual-clutch DCT-7G, which will work seamlessly with the stop-start system that will standard across the range Class B.

Still no official information consumption and emissions, but this should not expect too much. In addition and although have not dealt with directly, Mercedes-Benz modular design ensures that the new Mercedes B-Class opens the possibility of equipping future alternative propellants, such as hybrid or electric motors and batteries and accumulators of energy they require.

The new Mercedes-Benz Class B with a refined chassis and sporty

Besides the cosmetic changes in the bodywork and mechanics, one of the most important is the chassis. The Mercedes B-Class has received some adjustments to enhance its sportiness. The center of gravity is now lower, now has a four-link rear axle and an electronic stability program ESP refined. To save space and consumption, as expected the Mercedes B-Class incorporates a mechanical steering electric power assist.

In any case if you feel inadequate, Mercedes-Benz will offer an optional sport chassis which reduces the suspension another 20 mm with adjustable sports dampers selective and address, which remains servo, but in this case is more straightforward.

Mercedes A Class B more secure with the technology of its “big brothers”

Finally, the new Mercedes B-Class series include Collision Prevention Assist device. It is a collision warning system based on a radar system performance using the adaptive emergency brake booster, in order to reduce losses by especially low speed range. If you detect an obstacle warns by light signals and sound and ready for emergency braking, so when the driver hit the brakes automatically exercises all the braking force to avoid the impact.

Another system that released the Pre-Safe. This is a safety device if it detects a collision not only acts for deploying the airbag and seat belt tightening by the pretensioners but also closes the side windows, the sunroof and adjust the position of the front seats (if they have electronic adjustment and memory) to minimize damage to the passengers.

The Class B will incorporate, as standard or optionally, all of the following legacy of higher classes: automatic connection of the low beam control, blind spot detection and lane change, Attention Assist (also standard), Speed ​​Limit with detection of traffic signs, parking assistance, hill start assistance, Linguatronic, rear parking camera and Distronic Plus.

The official premiere of the new Mercedes B-Class will be at the Frankfurt Motor Show in a couple of weeks later we will know all the details about consumption, emissions and of course prices.

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