Mercedes 300E The Hammer, AMG sedan Ferrari

Nearly five decades of romance between Mercedes-Benz and AMG GmbH have been more than enough for close cooperation between the two marks, and even more from that in the 90 official ties be established and Daimler were to become the majority of the trademark subsidiary of Affalterbach, atesorase a historic legacy of super-sedan capable of carrying the German engineering at a higher level. Practical products of street racing technology, a good way to define any product developed by AMG and even more to those who bear the name Black Series, or The Hammer as the model in question for which you want to talk.

In the mid 80’s AMG arm was not yet of Mercedes-Benz sports yet and were responsible for a real super sports saloon body which coincided in time with the arrival of the first M5. Someone thought it would be a good idea to take the body of the Mercedes 300E (W124) six-cylinder to mount a spectacular 5.5 V8 560 SEC’s face after conversion. Not satisfied at AMG decided to double the initial cost of an AMG Mercedes 300E Original could give this machine a block 6.0-liter V8 and 375 hp, and a whole series of improvements to complete a saloon able to ridicule many sports at the time.

amg-hammerAMG took the time to develop an improved rear subframe and suspension worthy of a sports car racing. The rear axle was installed a new Gleason-Torsen limited slip differential LSD, 17 “wheels, semi-slick tires, aerodynamic kit for the body and interior improvements pingües.

No wonder that the price of the whole preparation may exceed several thousand dollars for some time to Ferrari. Someone said that the Mercedes W124 AMG The Hammer was able to move with the ease of a Testarossa, in the end the price was almost the same as that fantastic prancing horse.

They say they just built some thirty units, including a family wagon body. By now, mark the milestone achieved exceed 320 km / h, a figure made ​​incredible even for sports today, almost twenty years later.

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