McLaren P1: F1’s successor direct to Paris

McLaren P1

The successor to the McLaren F1 is here. Have been months of long wait, imagined design, imagining his engine echoing every little rumor that the successor llagase an icon of motorsports. An icon that has now successor, destined to become another legend in its own right. It is for us the new McLaren P1.

Comes after the brand show us, very slightly, his line on a teaser. A line now materializes in detail in a series of images in anticipation of his arrival at Paris Salon. The successor to the McLaren F1 has arrived. The McLaren P1 is here. The story repeats itself.

McLaren P1By the time McLaren has not left us any information about his mechanics and if, with bittersweet news: we still have to wait 12 months for the McLaren P1 hits the streets and garages of some lucky … and circuits as McLaren has stated that its goal is to become the fastest road car and rewarding circuit.

He wanted to heal from McLaren pointing back to the absolute maximum speed is not your priority (faster Will the success of the Ferrari Enzo?) While Ron Dennis, CEO of McLaren has said that “20 years ago Raising the bar McLaren supercar with F1 and our goal is to redefine the concept again. ”

McLaren P1The model that we Woking show in Paris is at present a conceptual version that I personally do not think it varies too much about the production version as McLaren will arrive within 12 months. At the Paris Motor Show, on September 27, we will know more details about the new McLaren supercar while, we can delight with its design and in highlighting the curves of her cabin and suespectacular behind.

Does your engine? Rumors suggest that we would get a 3.8-liter V8 accompanied by a KERS power and a dancing figure from 800 to 1,000 horses, perhaps in Paris McLaren us out of doubt and in addition to this spectacular sports show we confirm some details of its propeller and dynamic.

What do you think of the new McLaren P1? Do you think it will be a worthy successor to the F1?

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