McLaren 12C Spider: first official image of the convertible version of the MP4-12C

If you thought that a Friday would be a quiet day, nothing like that. After meeting the Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake, the wagon version of the Mercedes CLS, McLaren now leaves us with the honey on the lips showing the first image of its next model. Not yet is the successor to the McLaren F1, but the convertible version of the MP4-12C.

The McLaren 12C Spider comes timidly, by the time McLaren has shown only a picture of this model and this picture just does not offer too broad a perspective of the 12C Spider. A first teaser that leads us into the cockpit of the McLaren discovered before revealing the entire model, which should not take too many days, possibly hours, happen.

This first image of the model reveals few details about the convertible. Just shows to the best of the frame, no images of his hood or configuration has been chosen to house after the heads of the occupants of the sport. But it helps us by putting us in position to go before the debut.

Accompanying the image of Spider 12C, which also comes at the Goodwood weekend, as did the McLaren MP4-12C and the GT3 version, McLaren introduces us to some details of this new model, which come with the V8 twin turbo with an output of 625 horses, ie with the same power of the MP4-12C increase in power after it has announced for brand new models of MP4-12C and has offered to owners via reprogramming.

McLaren ahead of us to be presented within days, so perhaps this weekend and what we know to mark the Goodwood Festival, at the moment, we are left with the image that accompanies these lines, but how will be the design and adaptation of the hood in the shape of the MP4-12C?

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