Mazda shows in small touches to the new Mazda 6

Already warned us from Mazda for months. The Mazda 6 will be in the Hall of Paris, I confirmed Beamud Ignacio, general manager of Mazda in Spain during the design language of the conference I attended in late March and now, the brand has begun distributing a series of teasers prior to the filing of the next saloon of Hiroshima.

A few teasers in which we can begin to appreciate small, very small details of the new Mazda 6. Three teasers so far provided us with a dropper some information about this model, the second on developing the Kodo design philosophy behind the Mazda CX-5 and that we can know completely naked in a couple of months.

The first teaser of the Mazda 6 leaves us with a glimpse of his face, starting with the front grille and later focusing on one of his headlamp. In this first teaser we can see the line that runs through its aluminum grille and extending to the lighthouse, one of the most distinctive features of Takeri of that as we advanced from Mazda would be quite true production model, while in the videos distributed by the mark in the title have had to add the coletillo “Not Takeri”.

After this teaser, the second covers the front wing showing three nerves that run coming from the front and spread to reach the mirror.

The third teaser introduces us to his back and hindquarters in which we see on the back flap a major nerve that runs through the wheel arch up to the pilots, which like the front lights are a line of aluminum destined to become one of the protagonists of the design of the Mazda 6.

The countdown to meet the new Mazda 6 has begun, the Paris Motor Show will begin on September 29 and there we see fully exposed to the new Mazda 6 that as seen in the videos will fulfill the promise to be quite close to Takeri now is wait and see if Mazda, or a leak, we advance the “surprise” which of course will SKYACTIV seal.

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