Mazda MX-5 GT, because an MX-5 of 205 hp is also possible

After successes in the British GT Championship UK Championship, the Mazda MX-5 GT4 jumps off the track to the street with the more evocative and sport concept Mazda MX-5 according to Hiroshima. For now it is a prototype, however the brand has left the air the possibility of launching a sports car of its kind in terms of public reaction to attend his presentation during the events of the Festival of Speed at Goodwood.

The Mazda MX-5 GT Concept has received the classic 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine boosted to develop 205 hp and associated with the manual transmission as standard. Mazda’s idea has been to maintain the modest spirit, light and affordable Miata’s classic, in a more radical sport and has put the spotlight on the track. The suspensions were adjusted specifically to improve handling and allow small adjustments to improve circuit performance.

Aesthetically obvious that the developments are quite important. Body treatment bicolor, orange and black for details, roof, tires and low area. In addition, low suspension, the front splitter and rear diffuser have been designed to gain an advantage in aerodynamic terms. Tailpipes paths centered on the rear diffuser give this Mazda MX-5 GT peculiar and characteristic sound unlike any MX-5 standard. Recaro inside and carbon fiber inserts.

Currently there are no news that Mazda intends to launch a product like this. Yet we should be very careful because little by little we are leaving too many hints of a new generation Miata that promises sensations spirit and sportsmanship in abundance without compromising the budget thanks to lighter construction and technology of the new engines SKYACTIV.

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