Lumma Design CLR 6 M, the new BMW M6 becomes aggressive

With the recent renovation of a BMW M6, the Bavarian manufacturer took a little beyond the classic grand tourer concept: a generously sized coupe with front engine, rear-wheel drive and sports dyes, without giving up the luxury inherent in category or a design that conveys elegance at the same sportsmanship. However, views of preparers and Lumma Design advocate rid of that slightly conservative style and give an even more racing and aggressive.

Have past braking with the Lumma Design CLR 6 M? It all depends from the point of view of the beholder, but the truth is that with this proposed development Lumma BMW M6 is completely clear of any air that may have to bourgeois exterior and interior radicalized to the point that it seems BMW M6 preview a hypothetical circuit.

A preparation of all exaggerated for road? In my opinion, undoubtedly, a preparation of this style is something that does not fit in completely with the original personality that seeks to convey a car like the M6, but Lumma is aimed at those who want to customize it to levels high and give you a style much more radical, as we say, like a real racing circuit-client.

The Lumma Design CLR 6 M, previewed in these early images to computer, has a comprehensive and aggressive body kit consisting of aerodynamic bumpers (the front with a larger mouth), lower front spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser and a huge spoiler adjustable rear.

These photoshops (somewhat lousy, of course) are also twin exhaust pipes located in central position, a bonnet with air intakes for cooling (and also, it seems, made of carbon fiber) or a few steps from more prominent wheel, in conjunction with a wider track and alloy wheels of 21 inches.

Inside, more of the same: instumentación wheel and custom, aluminum pedals and abundance of carbon fiber, Alcantara upholstery with contrasts and finished in electric blue tone will not please everyone, but the result seems quite nice. Finally, if you asked for more power to you, do not seek: no mechanical changes, continuing the TwinPower Turbo V8 4.4-liter with 560 hp. Lumma Design has not disclosed pricing, but the availability of this customization: in the first weeks of 2013.

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