Lexus Hotspot, put a WiFi network in your Lexus IS

lexus-wifiLexus has just launch a new accessory available throughout the Lexus range. Basically it is a Lexus called Wifi Hotspot through which you can set up a wireless network within the interior of the IS, connectivity with up to 5 different devices (Tablets, Phones, laptops …) simultaneously. The system recognizes and saves the link with each of the devices, for future immediate connections.

The accessory is installed in the center console of IS, specifically in the center armrest. It is designed to withstand extreme temperatures that can occur inside the passenger compartment of a car parked (between -25 and +60 oC) has a SIM card reader (which will be covering) and added to the vehicle two 3G antennas for never lost signal even in motion. This device opens up the possibility of the Internet, including streaming content, just like at home.

WiFi networks proliferate around the world at breakneck speed and Lexus wanted to be among the first to offer this technology in its new IS. Utility may not be obvious at first, because after all any smartphone and mobile internet connectivity is long, and the fact of being in a car does not change that fact. However, this WiFi network for the car itself that opens up exciting new possibilities, in my point of view, and example spreads rapidly all models and manufacturers.

For starters, the car WiFi network will allow us to connect devices without phone card available, they are connectable to WiFi as a laptop or tablet. The tablets for children, in particular, often have access (for home use) but no direct connectivity. There are also people who have a smartphone without data rate (rare, but possible) and it is common to have a laptop without necessarily have a “spike” USB.

Finally, it opens the door to the interconnectivity, ie to share content between different passengers through the WiFi network, including simultaneous playback on different devices of a streaming audio or video. This eliminates the need for a DVD player and discs in the car, and change it for the pure connectivity to the source where the contents.

In the end, we always end up in the cloud.

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