A leading Mercedes S Class just wants to revolutionize the car industry

Mercedes-Intelligent-Drive-700-110913-05Mercedes-Benz reveals Intelligent Drive program confirming that the tremendous technological leap of the new Mercedes S class has its rationale in a firm commitment to autonomous driving. Mercedes does not hesitate to point to the current legislation as the only barrier that prevents the autonomous vehicle driving on the roads of many countries. Current technology is far ahead of laws and regulations and Mercedes-Benz wants to change this.

Thus, the Intelligent Drive program uses a Mercedes S 500 with slight modifications to the technology section for rescanning, completely autonomously the 100 miles in August 1888 Bertha Benz made ​​the wheel of the car created by her husband Karl Benz, yes, that car that got lay the foundation of the automobile industry we enjoy today.

Do not forget that the new Mercedes S-Class and provides a first contact autonomous driving through piloted driving technology for jams. This system allows the vehicle to take control at times when traffic is slow to get offer tracking feature and ability to run minimum maneuvering through the steering corrections.

But Mercedes reveals new technology that Class S hides more than it claims to have Intelligent Drive through the program, in addition to radars, 3D cameras and multiple sensors already installed, adds six new radar medium-range, a new color camera to detect traffic lights and a database with three-dimensional maps of the route to make the Mercedes Class S in a vehicle 100% autonomous.

You can say openly that the public display Intelligent Drive program is simply a notice to mariners, sailors may be its most direct competitors, but given the recent statements to various charges collected Daimler, seems to be a warning about the brake which is the current regulatory framework to unleash the potential of the technology already developed.
The autonomous driving plans become a reality by 2020 with different formulas more or less advanced in their application. Mercedes-Benz, despite being the most noise signature is doing in recent times, is not the only immersed in the implementation of autonomous driving. Audi, Cadillac or BMW are also working on bringing autonomous driving, highlighting the fact that they have spoken at length about the need for a thorough review of existing legislation to identify responsibilities and needs.


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