Land Rover and Bowler consummate their relationship

Bowler is a British company specializing in producing high-performance SUV, the competition focused on mostly. For years have relied on mechanical platforms and Land Rover – specifically the Range Rover – which improved and brutalized to become real beasts to devour mud and stones. Land Rover was aware of it, but now it seems that both sides want a win-win in this particular relationship.

This is why Land Rover and Bowler signed a close partnership, a move that consumes your relationship and takes it further. For Land Rover has benefits in the sense that all Bowler will have a plaque that will read “Powered by Land Rover”, making clear the role they play in the success of Bowler. For Bowler benefits seem greater, as they will have direct access to developments and technologies that previously could not even dream.

In addition, Land Rover engineers may participate in the development of Bowler, enabling enriched with knowledge they can revert to Land Rover. Bowler may use the facilities engineering and Land Rover will be a joint participation in sporting events and promotional campaigns throughout the world. In short, a closer relationship between both parties that could even be a new business line for Mercedes AMG style.

It’s a personal speculation, but seeing what the guys can do Bowler should not rule anything out. One of the most recent is the EXR S Bowler, a legal road to the roads with the engine 5.0 V8 Supercharged Range Rover with 550 hp. A beast to devour tracks that accelerates to 100 km / h in 4.2 seconds and breakfast Ferraris. I think this relationship has begun with a very good start.

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