Kia Quoris, the flagship rear-wheel drive out of Korea

Now I overtook just recently that harbored hopes that the new representation sedan rear-wheel drive Kia, better known in Korea as Kia K9, were to European dealers. Officially so far not come to Europe, however this product was designed not only for Korea start their sales in other markets before year end 2012.

The new flagship will be called Korean Kia Quoris in the global market and maintain its mechanical 290 hp 3.8 V6, probably until you enter the new 3.8 V6 GDI direct injection 334 hp, with the important news that this will its first rear-drive sedan. It’s essentially the same model and seemingly cosmetic changes regarding the Korean K9 reduced to its name with an emblem on the trunk lid. The only and most important differences could be in trim levels and equipment and also in the technology equipped in each country in which it is marketed.

Among the technologies to be used by Kia Quoris to make life more comfortable for your passengers safe, the alarms will be lane departure using a radar system, warning of vehicles in the blind spot mirrors, cruise control adaptive peripheral camera system for parking assistance, stereo Harman-Kardon, LED optics.

According to Kia’s decision to baptize this saloon as Quoris was taken in order to give it a solid name that evoked luxury and high technology for distribution outside the Korean market. The last consonant keep in mind the old Magentis, which is not so much as his predecessor was replaced to some extent by the new Optima.

Although officials said the Kia Quoris not come to Europe does not seem a crazy idea or inappropriate after the conclusions we arrived recently in our test of the Kia Optima.


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