Keep Your Classic Muscle Car Original

Something many adults strive for is owning their dream classic muscle car. There is just something about hearing it start up for the first time that brings a smile to your face. It is a beautiful piece of machinery, like those shown here, that has lasted the test of time. Rather than modernizing it too much, keep it as original as possible. It may be fun to add upgrades and fancy modern touches, but it does hurt the value of the car.

Appreciates in Value
Cars that remain in original condition, even if fully restored, hold more value than those that are completely upgraded. Any time that you can repair parts to keep all of the serial numbers matching, that is a bonus too.
Adding a modern touch like air conditioning does not hurt the value. It can help and may help it bring a few more dollars when selling it later.

More Desirable for Resale
Original cars are more in-demand than those with enhancements. Collectors want as close to as original as possible, including the paint. Although, a fresh paint job in the original color is acceptable and does add to the eye-appeal of the vehicle.
Have the engine professionally cleaned so that it looks pristine and presentable. Another acceptable correction that still keeps the car in original condition is re-chroming.

Easier to Find Parts for Repairs
It is easier to find parts for original common classic muscle cars than it is to find special, aftermarket parts. It is also easier to complete repairs when you are working with OEM parts. Most manufacturers still sell new old stock parts for classic models.

Look for an Uncommon Car
When seeking out your dream classic car, look for something a little uncommon. Each make and model has different trim levels. The rarest of a specific model may be difficult to find, but appreciate in value at a faster rate than a common model.

Keep your classic muscle car housed in a dry, humidity-free area. It is ideal to use a car cover to prevent scratches from forming. Thick coats of dust can cause scratching upon washing, and covers help prevent dust from settling directly on the vehicle too. To prevent your engine from seizing up, start your muscle car at least once a month and allow it to run for a few minutes if it is not driven often.

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