Jaguar XF SportBrake, prices from € 50,850 for the XF family

Jaguar XF Sportbrake

Jaguar has finally uncovered a major gap in its range since the Jaguar X-Type cease marketing, the presence of a familiar body model. The Jaguar XF SportBrake arrives in dealerships with a bet elegant and luxurious but especially with the added advantage that represent the five doors and a cargo space of 550 liters, not folded seats, and up to 1,660 liters in volume regardless of the rear seats . To avoid compromising the dynamism despite the burden, even has self-leveling rear air suspension as standard.

Since September the Jaguar XF SportBrake depart from € 50,850, obviously including 21% VAT and 4.75% supporting its most basic mechanical concept of tax. Precisely family model range called SportBrake has been simplified and distributed in Spain with two diesel engines. On one hand the SportBrake 2.2 Diesel 200 hp four-cylinder will be approximately € 2,955 more expensive than the sedan. On the other hand the SportBrake 3.0 V6 Diesel 240 hp and 275 hp will be € 5,559 more expensive than the sedan.

Jaguar XF SportbrakeThe issue where the Jaguar XF SportBrake is considerably more expensive with the 3.0 V6 Diesel about the same mechanical sedan is in the emissions approval stands at 163 g / km of CO2, thus taxed seeing a 9.75% in the registration tax.

Thus is formed the price range of the new Jaguar XF SportBrake:

Model Price I.M.
2.2 Diésel Classic 50.850€ 4.75%
2.2 Diésel Luxury 53.700€ 4.75%
2.2 Diésel Premium Luxury 61.100€ 4.75%
3.0 V6 Diésel Luxury 61.750€ 9.75%
3.0 V6 Diésel Premium Luxury 69.150€ 9.75%
3.0 V6 Diésel Premium Luxury 73.350€ 9.75%
3.0 V6 Diésel Portfolio 79.750€ 9.75%

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