Jaguar VS Mercedes: irreverent genius in the last campaign for Jaguar USA

jaguarvsmercedesBold advertising campaign that surprising Jaguar from United States, responding to a direct attack on Mercedes in response to one of the latest promotional video for the German firm, quite worthy of praise too.

With the launch of the new Mercedes S-Class from Mercedes launched a marketing campaign in which hens perfect explanation served to illustrate the new Magic Body Control suspension introduced by the new big Mercedes sedan. Now from Jaguar leaves us with his unique vision of the campaign.

Feline Agility against the last of the Mercedes suspension systems … the result? … not very satisfactory for a Hens Mercedes …

To put ourselves at first enjoy the Mercedes campaign:

A row of chickens. The head still and your body moving to the rhythm of the Upside Down Diana Ross sample system operation Magic Body Control by which the Mercedes S Class is able to monitor the status of the road through chambers of his front windshield , thus adapting the suspension to firm in what we can consider as the most advanced suspension system between production cars .

Now comes the turn of Jaguar … and their opinion on the Magic Body Control:

” Body Magic ? ” Wonder from Jaguar after finalize the chicken dance to the beat of bite. ” We prefer catlike reflexes ” clarified. This is how from the British firm face Mercedes in advertising across the Atlantic in a campaign that is not led by any model of both brands.

Since then the Mercedes S Class is the highest in the segment of luxury sedans , among many other reasons why technologies like Magic Body Control. Yet the Jaguar XJ also missing attributes to precisely outline a few accolades in his favor , starting with the outside line to continue its sumptuous interior or displays of power like the 550 horsepower Jaguar XJR .

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