Iveco Stralis Hi-Way, spearhead of heavy transport

Iveco has just introduced the new Stralis Hi-Way, the flagship for heavy transport. This heavy-duty truck will be manufactured exclusively at the Iveco plant – part of the Fiat Group – owns in Madrid. The plant has been awarded the World Class Manufacturing, for its internal management system and also directly employs Spanish personnel. The new Iveco Stralis Hi-Way incorporates several innovations and strong noteworthy improvements in customer service, reliability and cost of operation.

Among the great innovations we have a system called HI-ESCR, a gas treatment allows you to meet the standard without EGR Euro6 without complex exhaust gas recirculation systems. Iveco has also focused on reducing the operating cost of the truck (called TCO, Total Cost of Ownership), representing the price of investment (8%), maintenance and troubleshooting (5%), fuel (36 %), the cost driver (33%) and finally the road tolls and fees (18%).

Iveco achieve a 4% decrease in TCO through a reduction in consumption of 10%, among other factors, obtained by optimizing the engine electronics depending on their actual load, a system for monitoring tire pressure or an efficiency program that trains the driver real time to improve its consumption. The potential fuel savings can exceed 12%, and in case of fleets, the Fleet Iveconnect application allows global control.

No longer an industrial version of Fiat ecoDrive program. Aerodynamics improved by 3% and one of the most important areas for improvement is the cabin, now more ergonomic. Offered with two cab widths – 2.5 and 2.3 meters – and various heights, including a version for long distance double berth convertible 80 cm wide on a desk, in addition to amenities such as DVD screens or a maxi-fridge for up to 50 liters.

FPT Cursor engines Hi-Efficiency: Euro6, turbo diesel and CNG
The new Iveco Stralis is available with six-cylinder turbodiesel engines online and Euro6 Euro5. The displacements are available Euro5 8, 10 and 13 liters, while the Euro6 are displacements of 9, 11 and 13 liters, besides having a common-rail system last generation capable of injecting fuel at a pressure of up 2,200 bars and varible geometry turbo. There are eight stages of power (from 330 to 560 hp) and three CNG versions (270 to 330 hp).

The fuel tanks have a capacity of up to 1,400 liters and the maintenance intervals are extended to 150,000 km depending on the use received. All this innovation results in greater reliability and weighing more content – a lot, thanks to the HI-ESCR – which ends up benefiting from the factory and fuel consumption. The Iveco Stralis Hi-Way is available with three types of gearboxes for different applications.

The first is the classic manual of 9 and 16 speed manual 12 robotic Eurotronic relations manufactured by ZF (lever integrated into the steering wheel group) and 6-speed automatic made by Allison, particularly suitable for urban applications.

Safety and driving comfort
ESP is standard across the range, and electronic brake distribution and a system of adaptive cruise control that maintains a safe distance from the vehicle which precedes and act on the brake motor, and Intarder service brake if necessary. It also has a pre-warning of impending collision, warning of lane departure and analysis system driver fatigue through steering wheel movements.

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