It’s official: the new Ford Mustang will be sold in Europe

Ford Mustang 2013

No more waiting, or rather, the countdown begins now. Countdown to the arrival of the Ford Mustang to officially European market, which will be sold by the hand of Ford of Europe. A step in the complete globalization of the range, where the models are intended exclusively to a market or continent will absolutely minority or no exist. Besides the presentation of new models such as the Ford Mondeo 2013, Ford Fiesta 2013 and the Ford EcoSport, the event “Go Further” Ford, held this morning in Amsterdam, let this juicy news.

Besides the Ford Mustang, another model unknown in these parts will also come to Europe: in this case it is an SUV, the Ford Edge. The truth is that “Go Further” was a big event and left us with plenty of news about the U.S. multinational, including plan that will enhance its product to Europe with this flood of new and refurbished models in all segments (expected no less than fifteen) in the coming years to increase its sales in Europe.

Ford Mustang 2013Until now, fans of American muscle cars and pony they had no choice but to parallel importation, through unofficial channels and frequently (between transportation, taxes, approvals and benefit to importers) raised the final price very considerably. The trend seems to be changing with the recent arrival of the Chevrolet Camaro officially to Europe and the future commercialization of the Ford Mustang from the Blue Oval.

That the importation is made directly influence positively on aspects such as price, range and customer service available, but not yet materialized details. Hopefully the Ford Mustang gets here affordable and not too high compared to those in the U.S. has. For instance, the basic range of the 2013 Ford Mustang part there from the $ 22,200, but must take into account that the taxes paid to register a vehicle have little to do with the people here, so much the price likely will be considerably higher in Europe.

From a competitive price, there is little doubt about the Ford Mustang will not only be a standard for the brand in terms of image, but could also have sales figures more than decent. Many fans have been waiting years and even decades for the name “Mustang” on this side of the Atlantic … Finally, remember that the Ford Mustang that hit Europe this will be the next generation, designed from the ground thinking sold in a global market .

It is said that besides the traditional V6 and V8, the new Ford Mustang will see in Europe will EcoBoost turbocharged four-cylinder engine, independent rear suspension and a more tapered design, in the wake of the latest models and prototypes of Ford, as the Ford Evos. Hopefully not betray his philosophy and history, and how long the wait will be (it is said that up to 2014 or 2015), as a small preview we leave you with this short video teaser to get your teeth a little longer if it fits with the roar your engine.

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