Is it a surprise electric sports Renault to Goodwood?

We took a month, since before the Monaco Grand Prix, in which Renault has occupied a privileged position in the daily rounds of rumors, even in a more tenuous months earlier when anticipated the return of Alpine. Today, again, the French again in the spotlight on the occasion of the Goodwood Festival to be held later this week and for which as we discussed, the rumors point to a new development.

New data close the circle of “possible” as about the event and it seems we may be on the festival of speed with an electric proposal, but no, not a power whatsoever, but possibly a sport to be submitted along other representatives electrical signature, Twizy, Zoe and a veteran, the Renault 5 power.

After a month in which the Alpine A110-50 has been the leading brand gala, presenting an entire circuit animal weighing 880 kg and a 400-horsepower V6, rumors about the next generation Renault Clio us accompanied by the arrival of the first images of the Clio RS camouflaged. In addition, it has been speculated by the arrival of Alpine to the streets beyond the prototype presented, arrival that would be 50% to be realized and finally, the rumors that Goodwood pointing to a new Renault surprise only a month late submission of the A110-50.

Now, in an interview for average British Autocar, Thierry Koskas, global head of Renault’s electric vehicles, he pointed to a number of ideas that went through a sports electrify signed by Alpine, pointing even to improve delivery performance to achieve instant torque and power also give the model a better weight distribution.

We can not forget the dezir model has given way to the Alpine A110-50 and that had an electric drive. It seems that the surprise of Goodwood might be an electric version of the Alpine A110-50, even those who know, in order to become a model already in production.

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