This is the interior of the new Cadillac Escalade

cadillac-escalade-2015-interior-2A new Cadillac Escalade is underway. The Escalade is more than premium SUV as U.S. origin . This is a full -size vehicle that leaves little to the Audi Q7, without going any further . The new Escalade will be presented at next October 7 in New York , at an event hosted by Autumn de Wilde , one indie artist who has prepared a series of short films and photographs about the new SUV. Cadillac and giving us a sneak preview , the first image of its luxurious interior .

It’s just an image , but we do to the idea that will have a very luxurious interior … and very big. A large center console dominates the interior , with a large screen for the infotainment system from Cadillac CUE . The dashboard has a modern and opulent , this time finished in colors Kona / Ebony . The natural oak extends doors and other trim , adding a touch of distinction . A huge console separates the two front seats , with plenty of storage space .

cadillac-escalade-2015-interior-1Like other large SUV from General Motors, the shift lever is located on the steering column . Striking how big comfy armchairs that look like leather , quite possibly have ventilation and heating. Cadillac says in its press release that the build quality and attention to detail are at the highest level . The interior arrangement leads to something already much discussed : the Cadillac Escalade is built on the platform of the Chevrolet Silverado.

The same chassis rails and cross which is the basis of the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban , and the GMC Yukon and Yukon XL . Although the platform will be modified towards better dynamics , continue to be a machine of up to 5.7 feet, heavy and unwieldy . The use of this platform and inspiration in the Silverado range is felt in the arrangement of the interior and its choice of engines , which will surely be the only option the new 6.2 ECOTEC 420 hp V8 with cylinder deactivation selective .

Aesthetically , we know that will incorporate the latest design cues from Cadillac , and will have 100 % LED optics , but not much more . It is a car that just will not fit into Europe, but it can make things difficult over a European premium SUV in its home market , the United States. In less than a week we will have all the details.

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