Infiniti LE Concept, Infiniti electric future takes shape

Infiniti LE Concept

Several prototypes we had advanced in recent months Infiniti’s intention remains to develop all-electric models. The objective pursued lies in diversifying its portfolio with products that capture, in his words, to “a new generation of luxury car buyers sustainable benefits also committed.”

This time the LE Concept Infiniti will see in the Paris Motor Show in a month, is the prototype closer to a production model we’ve seen to date. In fact this sedan 4.7 meters, the size of a Infiniti G sedan, will arrive in showrooms and will do with an electric motor. The time and place is still unknown, but the increase in grants received by electricity in some countries like France, is encouraging this luxury manufacturer intends to continue the movement initiated by parent brand with the Nissan Leaf.

Is this the image of the new generation of Infiniti G?
His aesthetic might describe as Japanese luxury and sportiness, with sharp lines and bold features that although belonging to the exaggeration of a prototype, we also are much more realistic and mundane as to define the outline of a future street model. In fact, there are reasons enough to invite us to think that the appearance of LE Infiniti Concept could be decisive for the design of the next generation of Infiniti G which is expected next year will be presented, including except surprise – and if the current trend holds – a coupe, a sedan and a convertible.

The interior combines elegance and premium appearance with very technical details such as LED lighting and an advanced dashboard or center console dominated by two large screens spread functions at showing information such as mapping and the browser prompts , and a touch menu icons to scroll through the usual functions of the media or the climate control equipment. Infiniti also seems committed to abandoning life buttons for tactile surfaces.

A range of 160 kilometers with 134 hp electric
LE Infiniti Concept Mechanically this is far from the 402 hp of the Infiniti brand Emerg-e Concept hybrid is instead content with a single electric motor of 134 hp and 325 Nm of torque developed from the very moment we stepped on the gas. Its acceleration is amazing safely, although at present no figures have revealed.

A lithium ion battery 24 kWh, allow a maximum range of 160 kilometers. Through a special load of 50 kW can be made quick recharging in just 30 minutes to cover 80% of the maximum possible energy.

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