Inden Design gives a shot of steroids to the Mercedes SLS AMG

The flow of preparations for the Mercedes SLS AMG is unlikely to stop, and the last to jump on the bandwagon is Inden Design, which now presents its proposal. This is a light dressing that does not alter the appearance of the car: not added any external attachment beyond new tires black in color and design their own, very characteristic of this trainer. Are 20 inches in diameter, slightly more than the standard.

Van wrapped in Dunlop tires GT Sportmaxx measures 265/30 ZR20 in front and 295/30 ZR20 on the rear axle. With good shoes, the German supercar will go best to ground all its power. The 6.2 V8 engine comes standard atmosphere the disproportionate number of 571 hp – is the most powerful naturally aspirated V8 on the market – but Inden Design has managed to deliver 623 hp through electronic retouching, new exhaust manifolds and a sports catalyst.

mercedes-sls-inden-p-2An increase in power that does not alter the atmospheric engine requiring no supercharging. Finally, the interior is fully customizable by the owner in the customization program Inden Design, but for the car that we show not only just upholster discreetly with a cream-colored leather. We leave a gallery in high resolution of this wonder stock, which by the way, the Kings have not left us in the garage.


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