I Got a New Job

Of course I was not really looking for the type of job where you sit behind a desk for eight hours per day. Instead I was sort of looking for a job where you had girls in bikinis laying in the sun. That was not exactly what I found, but it is not that far off from it. Mostly I wanted to be out in the sun myself, although I was not looking for a ditch digging job. I got a job at a marina. They do all sorts of things they have used sailboats for sale along with jetskis and motorboats. Of course I know a good bit about outboard motors and that is what I am doing when there is work to do, but there is not enough of that to keep me busy. So I do all sorts of things, in fact they have me selling stuff already.

In fact I really do not know how to approach the job, but I figure that people are going to do what they want to do and that I am not going to be trying to pull any fast ones on anyone. So if I think the boat or the jet ski is overpriced, I sort of intimate as much. Obviously the boss would get mad if I came out and said that it is a bad deal, but he can not say much about what I actually say. I am not really making a commission at any rate, so there is not any point in me trying to do the hard sell. I really do not want to walk away thinking that I did wrong by people either. I figure that is always the best way to conduct your business no matter what it is you are trying to do.

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