Hybrid sports and convertible: filtering the appearance of the BMW i8 Spyder

A new family member i of BMW has made its debut on the Internet in the form of filtration. A new member in the form of a convertible version of the already existing and that over the last few days had left photograph hidden in winter testing. The BMW i8 goodbye to his roof and provided to teach the new coupe and convertible face.

Accompanying this way to the familiar version of the BMW i3 i8 and completes the range greenest German company adding a new twist to i8 in the form of convertible we know officially in the next Hall of Beijing that held during the last week of April.

BMW_i8_Spyder_2Unveiled by Autoforum.cz, we find a line that is maintained all the characteristic features of i8, but interestingly his side loses its status at two levels of body, coupe finished in black, by a lateral design easier. His face does not miss any feature wins against the i8 we already know, as does its behind. Inside, it loses its 2 +2 configuration of positions to leave us with a two-seater.

While recent rumors pointed to an upcoming family members would be the BMW i i5, halfway between the compact and the minivan, the Bavarian firm has surprised us, without previous rumors, with this version.

BMW_i8_Spyder_3The source of the information relies on a mechanical shared with variant closed, leaving us with a 96 hp electric motor located in the front, accompanied by lithium ion batteries with the ability to be recharged at an outlet and an engine combustion of 164 horses and 300 Nm at the rear axle. With these figures recorded a 0 to 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds with a top speed of 250 km / h and a consumption of 2.7 l/100 km.

With the option to enjoy open-topped, the family i grows, losing the roof of i8 in the process, leaving us with the first images before submission set for less than a month at which we can see this BMW i8 officially Spyder.

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