How to Use Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls to open the Crown Chakra

It is important to keep your chakras open, aligned and balanced for spiritual and emotional health. Appropriate chakra alignment can be achieved with tools like Crystal Singing Bowls for sale, and a combination of visualization and meditation. Read on to know what the crown chakra does and how to open and balance the crown chakra with quartz crystal bowls singing.

What is the crown chakra?

This is the chakra of the seventh and last in the system. Located on the top of the head, the crown chakra rules the top of the head, brain and nervous system. It is the center of our spiritual connection and our sense of oneness with the universe and everything in creation.

Imbalance, which produces feelings of isolation, separation and disconnection Spirit. There may be an excess of confidence, feelings of emptiness and lack of purpose in life.

Balanced, you get a sense of connection with life, awareness of your higher purpose, strong values ​​and ethics, and a certain trust and faith in life. The person will have a strong sense of inner peace, humanitarian inclination, and likes to work for the greater good of themselves and everyone around them. They feel they are living with a broader purpose than his individual self.

Balancing the crown chakra meditation with quartz crystal bowl Canto

The note associated with the crown chakra is B and its color is violet. For meditation quartz crystal bowl singing, it is important to have one that is specifically a note E glass bowl for this meditation to work, as each chakra has its special vibration. Not effective substitute different notes for the same chakra.

To begin, set aside a few minutes of time that is not interrupted and feel as comfortable as possible. You may be sitting or lying down – is entirely up to you. Strike the bowl three times to indicate the beginning of meditation. Then run the striker around the rim and start playing the bowl, making sure the sound becomes a constant, even pure tone. Slow your breathing to a constant, although the pace, ensuring that breathing deeply and completely.

As you inhale, feel loose all your worries and be completely relaxed on the exhale. Imagine your crown chakra opening and a bright light entering your body through the crown chakra and the transmission through the rest of your body. Feel divine experience joy and happiness, as the light washes through you. Pause for thirty seconds and then think of another source of light that enters. Repeat this process for a few minutes, stop if you feel disoriented or experience any type of discomfort.

You can also repeat affirmations to yourself during or after meditation. Some statements regarding the crown chakra are:

  • I am divinely protected and guided.
  • I am sure and all life wants and supports me now.
  • I fully trust in the Spirit to show me my next step.
  • I am one with Spirit and all living beings.

With effort and diligent practice, using these techniques with quartz crystal bowl singing will be sure to give a chakra open, fluid and crown of all spiritual blessings positive.

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