How to Prep a Vehicle For a VIN Sticker After Rain Soaks the Cabin

When heavy rain accesses an automobile’s cabin and soaks everything, the process of getting a VIN sticker may seem like a hassle. However, because there are easy ways to get rid of water in a vehicle, a typical driver can still obtain a VIN sticker in this situation.

Eliminate the Water

Although water can rest in many areas in a cabin, the goal is to remove as much liquid as possible in a fast and efficient manner. If multiple floorboards are found in your automobile that are over an inch thick, you’ll have to remove any water in these locations with a vac. The hose accessories will help you extract water that rests near nooks and crannies by the seats. Water that has soaked the fabric on seats and carpets must be removed with shop towels because a vac won’t extract all of the liquid effectively. Paper towels shouldn’t be used to soak up the water since they’ll tear easily. For this situation, cloth towels are ideal because they’re strong, durable, and absorbent. If your vehicle has drain plugs, you won’t need to invest in any towels, as these lines can quickly release any water that’s trapped.

Use Fans in Heavily Soaked Spots

After all of the water is removed, strategic steps must be taken in order to eliminate moisture. Multiple fans can be very effective in spots where fabrics are typically damp. The position of each fan is vital because moisture will linger if the air doesn’t circulate over the affected zones. In order to dry out very damp fabric, you must place two fans in the cabin in different spots so that air travels around all sides. During this process, the car doors should stay open, and the fans must run for a day.

Implement Mold Prevention Procedures

When lingering water isn’t removed after a rainstorm, mold will begin to grow in the affected spots. Vacs, towels, and fans are effective water extraction solutions; however, they can’t eliminate all damp spots in a cabin. In order to ensure the highest level of safety, you must sprinkle an absorbent product everywhere in the vehicle after typical extraction tools are used.

These strategies help drivers tackle vital tasks in order to obtain replacement door VIN stickers after rain covers key elements in a cabin. Because the items are that required to eliminate water aren’t expensive, the process of drying out various fabrics is easy.

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