How to Appeal a Parking Violation

Should You Appeal a Parking Violation?

Finding a parking violation notice on your vehicle can be a truly frustrating experience, especially if you are already experiencing a trying day. The question that comes to mind is should you appeal the ticket? Everyone has the option to file an appeal, but there a few specifics to consider before taking that step.

Did You Commit the Violation?

It will be difficult for you to appeal a parking violation if it actually happened. Not seeing a posted sign that there is no parking will not be an adequate excuse to get the ticket tossed. If a violation actually occurred and there is picture evidence, you will not be able to win any sort of appeal.

Are There Extenuating Circumstances?

There are times that parking areas and spaces can only be accessed at particular times. If you are within a couple of minutes of that time, it can be considered enough of an extenuating circumstance to relive you of the ticket. There is a reasonable time allotted because not everyone has a clock reading the same time. 15 or 20 minutes may not be acceptable, but two or three should be overlooked.

Is the Parking Violation a Mistake?

There are mistakes that happen and you might receive a violation without good reason. there are times that attendants are new to the job or it can be a case of mistaken identity. This is a time in which an appeal would be a great idea. If you know without a doubt that you committed no violation, it is better to appeal the violation.

Would It Be Easier to Just Pay the Fine?

There are times that you may not feel like paying a parking violation, but it is easier to just get it taken care of. You may end up finding out that you really were in violation and all the time and effort were for nothing. This does not mean that you should not defend yourself if you feel you are in the right, but use your time wisely.

How to Appeal a Parking Violation

You have a total of 28 days to submit an appeal in writing or online to the UK Parking Control from the date of any violation received. They are unable to accept appeals through the telephone. You will then be given a date to state your appeal and get the results.

Contact UKPC at to file an appeal if you feel you were given a parking violation that is undeserved.

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