Health Solution for Least Populated Area

The need for good health care is not only set on populated area. Even for the least populated area the need for a good health care is also available. Building a permanent health facility in a least populated area is not always visible financially. But, ignoring the need will only make those who life far away from any health care facility will have more difficulty in health care access.

To bridging the need for a nearby health facility and financial visibility, a mobile health care unit is needed. For such need, modified vehicle is the only thing that possible. Since  there will be possible health care on the spot, the vehicle will be more than just ordinary vehicle with some extra space available..

For professional need, the mobile mammography will be a specific vehicle that will assist the medical team to give the best possible treatment for woman. For different purpose such as the dental treatment, different mobile unit will be needed. Under certain emergency situation, the mobile unit actually can be used to take the patient to the nearest health facility that able to cover the need at the best possible support. This will make the health care need for least populated area answered professionally.

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