Gemballa GT Aero 2, more discretion and without excess sportsmanship

The German Gemballa is back, having already made several preparations after the disappearance of its founder cloudy and subsequent restructuring. On the day we enter details, but for now think of the present and preparations as you have in your screens: the Gemballa GT Aero 2, a cosmetic preparation based on the current second-generation Porsche Cayenne (Porsche internal code 958) .

Actually this is not a novelty, since it is an evolution of the GT Gemballa Aero pack already known, but we had not tried Automotive Stage so far. Nothing special, indeed: more aggressive bumpers, side skirts closer to hard asphalt and a rear bumper with integrated diffuser. There seems to be many more cosmetic changes and not mention anything about new exhaust.

What you do not forget we are the large 22-inch wheels, the weight is identical to the 20-inch wheels from the factory. All body kit is composed of carbon fiber, even though few kilos, something lightens the Cayenne. Gemballa also has the ability to mount ceramic carbon brake discs, although Porsche and is offered in its catalog of options. We leave you with a classic gallery of images in high resolution.


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