G-Tech Sportster: the unofficial prelude to the 500 coupe

The Fiat 500 could be available in the near future with a coupe variant production. This was pointed rumors just a couple of weeks. Rumors that the next year as the arrival of a conceptual model derived from the Fiat 500 Coupe Zagato ready to hit the dealers of the brand and bring the concept of a coupe body beyond auto shows.

Driven by the desire to see a coupe body 500 with or inspired by one designed by Zagato coupe, G-Tech have decided to get down to work to stay ahead of the arrival of the production model and present a Fiat 500 coupé in addition to winning a new design of its rear, also takes a few extra horses.

g-tech_Fiat_500_coupe_3This German coach presents the Sportster, a radical vision of the Fiat 500 which has been re-designed to introduce a new bend in the line of its roof, starting with a greater inclination of the arc of the windshield, which leads to a lower ceiling if we compared with that of a normal 500 therefore also a smaller windows.

g-tech_Fiat_500_coupe_5Little information has been leaked by the time the G-Tech work with the Sportster, leaving us with a few photos of the process of modifying the chassis 500 and the model already completed and few data on the work done on your engine. According to the source, the G-Tech Sportster is available with three power levels of 224, 250 and finally 340 hp, but not detailed the elements incorporated to achieve such a figure.

g-tech_Fiat_500_coupe_2According to the scant information available on the model, given some of the 500 units ready by year’s end, then G-Tech may provide us more information about the preparation that takes us into the lobby of the arrival of the Fiat 500 coupe production designed by Zagato.

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