Ford C-MAX Energi Solar Concept. The solar car, is the finger to energy or utopia?

ford-c-max-solar-energi-concept-05-dm-700pxFord presents his alternative approach that utopian future – undoubtedly because this is still a great utopia – where we can do without energy , forget to stop by the gas and electricity bills in the case of electric and hybrid plug . Imagine how happy we would be if we could continuously drive while the batteries that power the engine of our cars are recharged by the sun, which so far only served us for a tan left arm.

The Ford C -MAX Energi Solar Concept is a prototype that tries to explore the potential of plug-in hybrid with solar panel, capable of recharging its limited lithium ion batteries with inexhaustible energy panels – depending on time and weather – the sun. And here’s the first problem of utopian solar car, the availability of sunlight, for which Ford would have kept the heat engine , gasoline , the C -MAX Energi . Consider that in electric mode could go about 33 miles , after which we would need to use a new electric charging or fuel tank.

ford-c-max-solar-energi-concept-09-dm-700pxIn short , and as much as it pains us , for now we can not do without electricity and oil . Tourism , as we understand it today, is a small utility or minivan , you can not move your weight and load of our accumulated solar energy. According to Ford, the C -MAX Energi Solar Concept can be recharged by solar panels connected to the same rate as a conventional plug in just four hours. All the more reason to park outside the garage .

Beyond the practical and economic interest , consider the solar solution as the key to ensuring energy emission model completely invalid , since even the energy to recharge electric cars comes – in a high percentage – Font us renewable and very contaminants, such as power plants. Ford estimates that , according to the average of the habits of American drivers , the C -MAX could cover 75 % of our city only taking advantage of solar energy . Imagine the cost savings and emissions that would mean .

ford-c-max-solar-energi-concept-03-dm-700pxFord wants to patent the solar panel system released by the C-MAX Energi Solar, based in a crystal (one lens, convex ring, Fresnel) that concentrates the sun’s rays. And do not rule out that sooner or later you end up applying in hybrids like the C-MAX Energi, which are already marketed in the United States.


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