First approach to the Renault Clio RS 2013: Completely redesigned and turbo

The new generation of Renault Clio is very close to making an appearance. The Paris Motor Show 2012 will be its official coming-out, but perhaps a little earlier, around the end of summer, I can know in some detail. Renault seeks to defend success in a category, that of the utilitarian / multipurpose come over, which historically has brought much joy to the French manufacturer Renault Clio 2013 and bet strongly with a completely redesigned, more efficient engines and equipment to height of upper segments.

Nor break his appointment with the new Renault Clio Renault Sport version. It will be difficult to improve in areas such as sportsmanship and dynamic behavior of the current Renault Clio RS, because the stakes are very high. It does seem very likely that the 2.0 16v atmospheric, with 201 hp, will step in Renault Clio RS 2013 to a block turbo 1.6-liter engine and a power to be around the figure of 210 hp, standardizing lower emissions and consumption, adding to the prevailing current of downsizing.

This new mechanism could be an evolution of the 1.6-liter 190 hp turbo already known in the Nissan Juke, marks the orbit of Renault. Through the work of Renault Sport, the power should be close or even exceed 200 hp, giving a more sporty, but it will be difficult to match the feelings that transmits the current Clio RS engine that likes to spin very high spins. As for the chassis, we should also see a version Cup, with emphasis on circuit performance and greater radicalism.

Another novelty of the new Renault Clio RS is your body. Unlike the current, which is only sold in three-door version, all the rumors point to the Clio RS 2013 will be launched only five-door body. Despite this detail that surely displeased many fans, sports aesthetics should not be compromised.

Renault_Clio_RS_2013_Auto_ExpressAccording to these unofficial recreations published by AutoExpress, very approximate to what will be the real model, we see a body kit for this specific Renault Sport version, completing the look of the new Clio, which will have a front grille chaired by the diamond much more marked as well as headlamps with LED technology with a design quite different from the current model. When did we see on the street? Just months after the launch of the new generation Clio: Expected to launch in early 2013.

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