Filtering the aspect of the new Kia Pro cee’d 2013

KIA Pro cee’d 2013

The new Kia Pro cee’d already among us. At least, the first images of the coupe version of the new Kia cee’d. They arrive, how could it be otherwise at this time as we await confirmation of its official debut at the Paris Motor Show and showing us make this new generation of Kia Pro cee’d from all angles, allowing us to know perfectly how be aesthetically this new generation.

If yesterday was the day of Peugeot leaks, allowing us to know a day in advance with the lines of the Peugeot 2008, the Onyx and the RCZ facelift, today it is the turn of the new Kia Pro cee’d. At the moment we only have pictures of the model, but if this leak follows the example of filtering Peugeot, tomorrow we should know all the features and details of the new Pro cee’d 2013.

KIA Pro cee’d 2013By the time we get to know her aesthetic, which runs in the front all the features of the 5-door model, showing particular characteristic as a union between the optics and the front grill, which we saw in the new Kia Cerato. In addition, the filtered images convey a sense that the grill is somewhat narrower than the cee’d.

KIA Pro cee’d 2013KIA Pro cee’d 2013We reached the critical point, the side and rear of the new Pro cee’d. We found a two-tone wheels and a profile that seems to follow quite the line 5-door model, of course eliminating the corresponding pair of doors. Your rear is the part that changes and does, in my point of view, in a really successful. Some new lenses, a new integrated well apply black contrasting with the white of the unity of the photographs and a successful assembly of the fall of the roof and tailgate design.

KIA Pro cee’d 2013Soon, maybe tomorrow, we will know more about the new Kia Pro cee’d. Measures, which come with engines, marketing date … As broaden becomes official information, but as what you think of this new generation of Kia cee’d?

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