Fiat Panda Van, more professional face Italian supermini

You know how a small utility can be transformed into the car and the most practical tool for a professional who normally works in urban areas? The Fiat Panda Van can give up their seats to win a special rear cargo volume of one cubic meter (1,000 liters), but has versions of two lanes and four seats. It also uses intelligent organization solutions for packages in the trunk to make life easier for professionals and companies with a small commercial vehicle battle at the same time practical.

The Fiat Panda Van, launched in Italy at the moment, serves as a tiny van after its front seats received a wire mesh to separate the load. Retains its five-door, but now without seats folded can accommodate objects up to 1.2 meters in length. The trunk floor has been cleverly designed to provide a flat base on which we will find a box in which we are perfectly distributed with several compartments to separate and organize large diameter tools.

In Italy is available in two versions: Easy Pop four-seat only two.

Although the rear door windows and rear window have not been covered with opaque panels, the glass has been treated to make it harder obscured visibility (although not prevent) hosted load in the trunk. Suspensions of this Fiat Panda Van has been adjusted to allow a maximum load of packages with a total mass not exceeding 500 kg. This model will be the cheapest and smallest in the range Fiat Professional, although its launch in Spain has not yet been confirmed.

The Italian market will receive the Fiat Panda Van turbo diesel engines each with a 1.3 Multijet 75 bhp 1.2 Fire petrol and 69 hp. Although the product expensive, it’s might have been highly recommended TwinAir engine which accounts give in recently in our test of the Fiat Panda 0.9 85 HP TwinAir Lunge, which a priori is presented as more performance based (and in some cases saving) this atmospheric old gasoline .

As you can imagine the Fiat Panda Van can be equipped with basic systems in a vehicle designed for the workplace and spend many hours behind the wheel at work, such as a radio with CD and MP3 and Bluetooth handsfree for the Blue & Me. In Italy depart from € 8,850, before taxes, which are about € 2,000 less than a Fiat Grande Punto Van. Therefore one would expect that in Spain the Fiat Panda Van partiese around € 7,500, but for now its arrival to the peninsula has not been confirmed officially.

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