Fiat 500L

Five years after the launch of the 500 modern and 55 years after the launch of the first 500, July 4 became a holiday again in Turin. Was officially launched Fiat 500L, which can be ordered from this month and will arrive in dealerships this fall.

Of small dimensions (4.15 meters long, 1.78 wide and 1.66 high) provides space for five occupants, is a little bigger than the Punto, but has a very respectable Battle: 2.61 meters. In his five suitcases boot capacity of aircraft (cabin), almost 400 liters.

The brand boasts the best occupancy in relation to size of the segment, say they can fit five passengers two feet high, but you will have to be anorexic. The back row of seats can be moved to save space, or completely folded to have a very large trunk and no stairs. It has 1,500 combinations! positioning and folding seats. Large parole.

Very customizable and retromodern
The car also has its own in pijerĂ­o. You can customize with 11 exterior colors, three colors of roof, four trim levels, or panoramic electric sunroof (which does not open), more than 300 possible combinations.

The 500 is not just a utility to use, is more and therefore has become an icon, has sold over 800,000 units. The 500L is no less, can have a stereo Hi-Fi Audio Beats (in collaboration with Dr. Dre) or the parrot, Lavazza coffee. It is loaded with water, coffee (in capsules), and when we want, will press a little button.

Although it has some nods to the retro, totally modern car is not trying to hide it, like I want to be in both worlds. At least in appearance, exudes quality. For example, a very retro detail is to have so many buttons to use lights on the browser screen, shown in high resolution images.

Speaking of the browser, the first units will not have that function. It is a multimedia system that lets you listen to radio, Bluetooth aifon, aipod iPod, CD, USB skewers, etc.. What a supermini car requires today, and 5-inch screen is touch. The Blue & Me system not needed.

Also allow, through the use of special applications, rely on our Internet connection to query Facebook mobile, watch the weather forecast, traffic and stuff. It seems that this is a new trend, were not crazy Peugeot and Renault have also pointed to the new Clio.

The application eco: Drive further leaps, and it not only informs our driving and allows comparisons with others, is that it does in real time if you want, so we should not move a USB disk to the computer and upload the results. Another advantage is that we advise to reduce consumption up.

The Fiat 500L motoris
At the launch will be available two petrol engines and a tanker. First, we have the 0.9 TwinAir, which gives 105 hp instead of 80 (the most powerful version) and combines two cylinders funky MultiAir supercharger. Is slightly below the well-known Fire 1.4 16v of 95 hp.

Homologate the 0.9 TwinAir less than 5.3 l/100 km, so it will not pay registration tax as the 1.3 Multijet 85 hp. The turbodiesel engine of 1,248 cc, when he left a few years ago was 70 hp, remains the spearhead of Fiat diesel engines, although not as advantageous as regards larger-displacement engines.

Later Natural Power will have a version that runs on natural gas, although in Spain is not exactly practical, but it will TwinAir, not a Fire Engine. Provision or consumption we know nothing more. The MultiJet can expect, as usual, approvals around 4 liters, and the Fire will walk about 6.

That’s all for now, we’ll know more as it approaches release. Of course, no prices yet. It is manufactured in Kragujevac (Serbia) exclusively, and next year will be sold in 100 countries including the United States.

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