Ferrari will develop two new engines for other Fiat Group brands

Although full membership of the Fiat Group, is not too common to see industrial synergies between Ferrari and the other marks of the Italian group (read Alfa Romeo, Lancia or Fiat itself). The exceptions to this rule are quite specific, including basically Maserati, who jointly developed in the past the V8 engine of Gran Turismo, for example, or very specific vehicles like the Alfa Romeo 8C, with much of its technical origin in the Maserati.

Since Fiat Group want to continue to Ferrari as its crown jewel, hence maximum exclusivity seek not to harm your brand image. However, the Fiat Group plans a move that could almost be defined as a teacher: take advantage of the expertise of the Maranello marque in terms of large displacement engines and power to create two new mechanics for other brands of Italian conglomerate, as Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Maserati.

The play is not new: sure many remember the Lancia Thema 8.32, sold in the second half of the eighties, with Ferrari V8 engine source. Specifically stemmed from the Ferrari 308, developing about 215 hp at the time represented a plus of exclusive features that made ​​him an exception to every category. Well, more than likely that we will see also this home in a new Ferrari engine would be used in future range-topping Alfa Romeo and Lancia, Maserati and the Kubang, next Maserati SUV, or successor the Quattroporte.

So Ferrari will invest 50 million euros over the next two years to develop these two new engines for the highest-end brands a bit more mundane (just a little) of the Italian group. They have transcended the technical data of both mechanical, but expect a V6 twin-charger that would develop around 450 hp and reduced (for power) consumption and pollutant emissions, and a new V8 engine that would stand a step above. Good news for Maserati and Alfa Romeo and Lancia, which then can be much more competitive in the premium range.

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