Ferrari F70: new images of the successor to the Enzo, now with less camouflage

Here before us the Ferrari F70, Enzo’s successor, though, still camouflaged, but with an important incentive this time: it seems that Ferrari have decided to let us see your silhouette without additives that modify, allegedly modeled line or almost identical to what we see in a few months. There is still some camouflage by removing the skin of the Cavallino, but we’re one step closer to knowing.

A half-naked makes us closer to seeing what will be the Ferrari F70, if that’s the name finally, as indeed all the tracks seem to take for granted. Surprised Maranello rolling around, we just take a little imagination and be content with the rumors that there are up to date on possible technical features to be mentally and could be anticipating the next Ferrari.

Its front is still resisting, but we can already see the line of his back and especially its profile through the two photos posted on FerrariChat one hand of a friend who was forero around Maranello. We would have been delighted that they were a few more, but certainly a good snack to wait in comfort until his arrival.

Ferrari_F70_1Particularly striking is the great line created between the roof and the long extension to its rear, the space in which we find a V12 of between 6 and 7 liter engine that would supported by a KERS to a figure above 900 horses, seems to be about 920 to 930 horses. Some even dare to anticipate and benefits that would leave us with this successor to the Enzo down 3 seconds in the 0 to 100 km / h maximum speed reaching figures of up to 400 km / h.

According to the photographs taken at Maranello model tests, it appears that we will have a back with a double clear influence, first of its spiritual predecessor, the Ferrari Enzo, in the exhaust and diffuser on the other hand the Ferrari P 4/5 Competizione with the subsequent fall from the ceiling. All indications are that before the end of the year we will have more data, who knows if any image for the Paris Motor Show, but it seems that we will know in full in 2013 despite the fact that before, and behind closed doors, can be introduced to some customers.

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