Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo, possible name for the new Scuderia

One of the rumors of the week concerns the street version of the sporty and powerful new Ferrari 458 Italia, which along with a mechanical over 600 hp will presumably work of lightening it undoubtedly become one of the most desirable models of the Prancing Horse range.

Ferrari has a habit of reserving a name evocative tribute to the competition, a synonym of sportsmanship that we remember that it is a Ferrari 458 Italia but practically any racing sports licensed to be driven on public roads. The Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge Stradale took the name, the predecessor of the current model, the Ferrari F430, did the same with the Scuderia name, and has been rumored as the next to arrive will be the Ferrari 458 Monte Carlo, after the picturesque scenery Monaco each year visit the Formula 1 and the Scuderia Ferrari has emerged champion in 9 occasions.

If we fail accounts presenting this hypothetical Monte Carlo Ferrari 458 should not be delayed too much and should be submitted by next year, since it is a logical step following the launch of the Ferrari 458 Italia coupé body in 2009 and beyond the presentation of the Ferrari 458 Spider convertible with retractable hardtop last year.

There has also been a mention that the increase in power of 50 HP is concretely. The figure is to be confirmed, but obviously it will be stronger and lighter, and that their performance will improve considerably be reduced and we understand that some (or some) tenth in the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h.

The news of the name Monte Carlo was prompted by a comment on Twitter from Sjoerd van Stokkum, founder of a popular Dutch supercar club that apparently has good contacts that could prove that this information has some merit.

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