Ends the production of Aston Martin Cygnet

aston-martin-cygnet-2012-p1A little less than a year wrote an article attacking directly to the Aston Martin Cygnet for all the betrayals that represents the brand itself. He came to the rumored tale version of Cygnet with Aston Martin V12 engine that could launch for sale. Although the model is not my cup of tea , I realize that was particularly interested to see if the engineers of the brand would be able to perform such audacity .

However, these intentions have been ruined if we trust the news network that runs like wildfire. As digital publishing The Supercar Kids, a spokesman for Aston Martin has confirmed that it has completed production of the Aston Martin Cygnet . Thus, the best-selling Aston Martin Spain in recent times will disappear from the offering of the company in a short time, are no longer supported factory orders but there are still many units in stock at different dealers of the brand by worldwide.

aston-martin-cygnet-morado-pThis Toyota iQ highlighted and enhanced with luxury materials has been on sale since 2010 ie barely lasted three years on the market ( manufacturing started in 2010 and ended in mid- 2013 ) . Although the model has been completely misunderstood by many, including myself , we must point out that there has been a total failure because, after all , has worked relatively the formula to capture a buyer who can have an Aston Martin for just 40,000 euros.

Given this , it is strange that no longer produce the Cygnet as soon , in fact , this is the second Aston Martin has lasted less on the market after the Aston Martin Virage disappeared in 2012 . The exact reasons were not disclosed but , personally , I have to acknowledge that it will disappear from the market one of the most incongruous models that have been seen in recent years, both for what it represents in the tradition of Aston Martin as it travestir representing an urban car price and multiply by 4.

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