Demio EV, exploring the possibility of a Mazda 2 electric

One way or another all manufacturers are working on developing electric vehicles. Mazda, meanwhile, although not a brand that has been characterized by efforts to increase transparency in the electricity, just released in Japan an electric version of the Mazda Demio, the Mazda 2 European equivalent. The idea that work is to gather enough information to recognize patterns and problems of the driver of an electric vehicle, so that in the near future to develop more effective and practical.

The Mazda Demio EV will be manufactured in a very limited edition, only a hundred units, which will go to government institutions and some companies in the Chugoku region, which is both Hiroshima and Mazda headquarters. This vehicle, which apparently retains its cargo space in the passenger compartment intact on the Mazda 2 with combustion engine, will have a range according to the Japanese JC08 cycle 200 kilometers. Reference to the Nissan Leaf has exactly the same autonomy as the JC08, so that European cycle probably be talking a range between 175 and 200 kilometers.

One point that has worked Mazda has been the lightening, overall this utility of 3.9 meters long weighing 1,180 kilograms for the handicap carry a battery pack lithium ion 20 kWh. His full recharge at 200 volts, requires 8 hours in length, while rapid charging up to 80% of the maximum capacity can be done in just 40 minutes.

Given the experimental condition, the price is not a factor, however it is sold for 3,577,000 yen (more than 36,000 € depending on current exchange rates). A Nissan Leaf of a price slightly less than 3,000,000 yen, or whatever it is, about 30,000 €.

Is the first step for future electric utility Mazda?

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