Confirmed Mercedes S Class Cabrio will arrive in 2015

Mercedes_Clase_S_Coupe_700_DM_3The new Mercedes S class has among its objectives to meet the gap left by the defunct Maybah and with this in mind we knew we would have to go beyond what is offered by previous generations, offering new alternatives bodywork, including a convertible alternative whose arrival is now official.

The most extreme luxury transferred from the saloon to convertible body, of course not forgetting the alternative in the past coupe Frankfurt showed conceptually hand Mercedes S Class Coupé Concept. Thomas Webber, Product Manager German firm has already confirmed their arrival, an arrival scheduled for 2015.

Mercedes_Clase_S_Coupe_1280_DM_11-1024x680Based on the lines of the Mercedes S-Class Coupe, Mercedes is ready to delight with bodywork convertible luxury to brag about its range. A two-door body, canvas roof and a mechanical assembly that should not vary too much about what is already known in the saloon.

After the arrival of the Mercedes Class S in mid-May in 2014 will the coupe, while a year later would be known a cabrio version. Mercedes still be keeping a surprise from the S-Class variants, as successor to the German Maybach might resort to name Pullman, offering a new level of luxury even higher.

Mercedes_Clase_S_Coupe_700_DM_5Of course we can expect the presence of AMG also for this variant, with a maximum power of 585 horses to the Mercedes S 63 AMG and about 630 horses suspected V12 block will play the Mercedes S 65 AMG. Whether convertible, coupe or sedan, the “The best or nothing” is more than present in this new generation of Class S.

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