Compact sedans: the resurgence of a segment

Since the appearance of MissionL Skoda prototype, or the first spy pictures of the Astra sedan and as instructed yesterday to show us, the fourth generation of the Seat Toledo, compact sedan segment and certain economic is booming. After years that have passed something on tiptoe, now live in a revival of the segment so popular years ago.

The Seat Cordoba, the Fiat Tempra … now its concepts are again the order of the day by offering a comprehensive product for families who require more trunk that offered by a compact without having to jump into a large saloon. Today, we will do a review of this segment of the hand of the new Seat Toledo and Skoda Rapid, the Fiat Linea, waiting to see if our market will be marketed in the Viaggio, the Opel Astra sedan, Peugeot 301 and the Citroen C-Elysee.

6 models ready to conquer the garage of a number of families looking for a model where the practicality is above all figures contained engines, large luggage, nothing excessive in length and a good price.

Fiat Linea: veteran updated
We begin, by seniority, with the Fiat Linea. The Italian, recently updated, is based on the Fiat Punto, offering a long body with an extra dose of trunk. Aesthetically, it has now received a new grille with new chrome, a facelift may be announcing the death throes of this model, which has been around since 2007 and could be replaced by Vaggio Fiat, the Italian version of the Dodge Dart.

In its cabin, improved grades with this facelift and changes in instrumentation, all with a seemingly simple, but effective. In figures, the Fiat Linea has a length of 4.56 meters, a width of 1.73 meters and a height of 1.5 meters. Its trunk has a capacity of 500 liters.

In the mechanical section we are, in gasoline, eun 1.4 of 77 horses and a 1.6 Multijet diesel of 106 horses at the moment are not confirmed but could find new engines with the 1.3 Multijet 95 hp and a 1.6 Multijet 120 hp and gas find, in addition to the 1.4 engine access, with a 1.4 T-Jet 120 hp.

Opel Astra sedan: the best equipped compact sedan
Facing the oldest, updated, we find the new Opel Astra a few weeks ago I received a new body sedan. Successful integration of the trunk, with a good design of the fall of the rear window and topped with a small spoiler, comes in focus, like most of those present to the Russian market and Turkish, also marketed in Spain.

The Astra sedan offers a length of 4.65 meters, 1.8 meters wide and 1.47 meters high with a trunk of 460 liters.

As for their engines in the Astra has gamacon 7 options we are left with two petrol engines of 115 and 140 hp and diesel, two 1.7-liter CDTI mtoores with 110 and 130 horses and starting with the 2013 a new generation of engines of 1.6 liters. We can not overlook details like FlexRide adaptive chassis or the lighting system adaptive bi-xenon headlamps.

Peugeot 301 and Citroen C-Elysee: Citroën only be marketed in Spain
We jump to the French duo of the Peugeot 301 and Citroen C-Elysee. The Peugeot, presented in late May, is an intermediate step between the Peugeot 508 and the 308 sedan and 408 sedan sold in China and South America. Be manufactured in Vigo plant, but will not be marketed in Spain, designed to Turkey, Eastern Europe, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Africa and South America, so despite having some good arguments, both measures (4.44 meters long and 506 liters of boot) as motors (up to 115 hp) to be marketed in Spain, we’ll find it at the dealers of the brand.

To cope with competition in this segment emerged, despite not having the 301, PSA, market the Citroën C-Elysee in Spain, sharing practically measured with the Peugeot, with 4.43 meters long and the 506 liter boot and as a range of engines, a VTi 72 hp and a 115 hp and a diesel HDi 92 horses, approving a consumption of 4.1 l/100 km.

The design of both, combining pretty good design features of the current range of these two brands offer a good line of vehicles to be a practical and economical.

Rapid Skoda and Seat Toledo’s offensive VAG
Finally and to close the cycle of compact sedans, the couple arrived from VAG, Skoda and the newly introduced Rapid Seat Toledo, the last to reach this segment.

Starting from the Czech derivative MissionL prototype, hit the market next fall and will do so with a length of 4.48 meters long and 1.7 meters wide, but for now, know the volume of its trunk.

To move to Rapid, we find a total of 7 engines, with an impressive commitment to petrol, with 5 compared with 2 diesel that do not have figures from Skoda. Presumably, that given that the diesel-fuel ratio in Toledo is uneven, we find the same range of engines with the exception of a gasoline engine for Skoda.

The Toledo, sharing with Rapid measures and design aesthetic predominantly straight and simple lines, has a range of gasoline engines made in three blocks of 1.2 liters with outputs of 75, 85 and 105 cabllos and a 1.4-liter TSI of 122 horses that also has a 7-speed DSG. Among the diesel, whole sellers, a 1.6 TDI with 105 horses and 90 horses will arrive in 2013.

Prices, in most cases still unknown
For now, the abundance of data on the prices of these models is somewhat limited, but we know that for example, the Fiat Linea has a starting price of 13,500 euros for the Fiat Linea Active from 77 horses, gasoline, reaching the 19,450 euro for the top of the range, Linea Emotion Multijet with 105 hp.

C-Elysee and the Skoda Rapid by now know price and Seat Toledo, only that depart from 13,995 euros. For the Astra sedan can not find yet available for Spain, another to Germany, where part from 18,270 euros for the 1.4 100 hp with the Selection finish can reach up to € 27,800 with finishing innovation, and automatic switching 1.6 turbo engine of 180 horsepower or the 1.7 CDI with Start & Stop EcoFlex and 130 horses, postulated as one of the more expensive alternative but also a bet away from the more complete and simpler design of the competitors.

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