Citroen DS3 Racing Gold Mat, a golden touch for more playful DS

citroen-ds3-racing-gold-mat-p1For over three years was presented the Citroen DS3 Racing , a model that came to put in the showcase Citroën generalist manufacturers able to offer very spicy variants of its models. In addition , in some way served to bring street experience by the brand in WRC . When it was announced , production was limited to only 1,000 units but the huge success in its first month on sale Citroën encouraged to expand production .

Its circulation was increased to 2,000 units , although the car has finally become a fixture in the catalog since it takes more than three years on sale in European markets . And time will follow, as Citroën has announced the launch of a special edition called Citroën DS3 Racing Gold Mat . As its name suggests , the golden color is which takes the lead on this issue , in fact , arguably essentially the DS3 Racing orange original has been replaced by gold.

citroen-ds3-racing-gold-mat-p2Going to detail, we found a golden hue in numerous body elements . Where is striking across the roof and 18-inch wheels , but also found in the mirror housings and even the front grille and front logo from Citroen . The adhesive on the bottom side bearing the logo R Citroen Racing . Honestly , it feels so much gold that they want to convince those eccentric millionaires bling- bling lovers .

Inside, the abuse of the golden tones is repeated . The entire top of the dashboard is painted in that hue . In the area opposite the passenger seat is a logo commemorating the first victory in the WRC Citroën Racing , which took place in 2001 . The plastic plate which surrounds the shift lever is also gold and seams mounted seats , the same as in the conventional DS3 Racing .

citroen-ds3-racing-gold-mat-p3The engine is the same turbocharged 1.6 THP 200 petrol, which actually has 202 hp, and no further mechanical changes to the car. The French firm has not announced the number of total units to be manufactured and how many come to Spain, but we know that in our country will be available with a fee of 34,600 euros, which represents almost 5,000 euro premium over the standard DS3 Racing Citrën .

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