Citroën confirms a compact SUV and a flagship in the DS

Citroën-Número-9-250913-01In the pleasant market reception for the compact SUV segment B derivative, read Renault Captur and Peugeot 2008, Citroen has decided to invest in this segment giving the green light to a project to put on the market a new model of the product line C derived from already available on Peugeot 2008 and EMP2 platform that allows you to have a very low weight and rapid development process until it goes on sale. This new SUV will lag behind Cactus Citroën C4 is scheduled to be released early next 2014.

Also, the DS is in luck with confirmation that a new prototype model derived from Citroën Number 9 is in full swing to take the witness who once championed the Citroen C6. With this new model, we know at the moment whether host a conventional three-box design or not, are expected to increase the bid premium Citroën has already started with the other models in this line parallel.

Citroën-Número-9-250913-03It is fair to say that the logic requires Citroën to grab the image obtained with the DS line sales scratching E segment, a segment dominated with an iron hand by German firms has resisted French manufacturers since the Citroën DS, better known as shark, mark an epoch never repeated edge and splendor through the French luxury.

There are many voices that indicate that in this project Rendering sedan Citroen is the future for the DS, for in the image of quality and design compiled from models like the Citroën DS5 or DS3 Citroën most successful, is cast at fault models and position most package offer get the halo effect that demand for this type of products. Put another way, Citroën is required to take the rest in making this new model DS.

Citroën-Número-9-250913-02With prototypes Citroen Metropolis and Citroën Number 9, the firm showed gala had sufficient capacity to design a premium cut model located in segments D and E. Bringing these ideas into production is not a simple task, but the DS is the best scenario seems to be strongly Citroën bet by taking this step that highlights the differential nature of the firm alluded to when talking about a completely separate range and with personality.

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