Citroën C4 Aircross 1.8 HDi 150 CV Exclusive 4WD touchdown Segovia: the French SUV Japanese DNA

Ending last week attended the national launch of the Citroën DS5 Hybrid4 to mark the start of sales this month. The DS5 hybrid version, which my colleague David was able to test in Nice perfectly combines innovative design with an equally evolved mechanical joining a 163 hp diesel engine with an electric motor of 37 horsepower, giving it a capacity of 4-wheel drive, plus the ability to move in electric mode or have the support of the rear axle for sportier driving.

But besides the DS5 Hybrid4 test proves that you can read in Tecmovia, Citroën offered us several units of the new Citroën C4 Aircross, both with 4-wheel drive as 4 × 2, for a brief touchdown of just over 100 miles that has helped us to meet the new Citroën SUV in a first approximation.

A brief stop to rest during the test of Citroën DS5 Hybrid4, a couple of hours that Citroën makes available the new C4 Aircross and certainly would not miss this opportunity for a route through some small towns of Segovia. As with the DS5, enter any command without pressing every day I like the keyless entry and start, press the button and the C4 Aircross starts. We started with this contact.

Its engine, a 1.8 HDi 150 hp and Japanese
Its mechanical beating in silent remarkable, almost vibration free, HDi engine is a 150 horsepower engine with a 1,798 cc 4-cylinder that delivers a torque of 300 Nm at 2,000 rpm. Is associated with a manual transmission with Stop & Start and in the case of the unit I’m testing with a system of 4-wheel drive, also available in 4 × 2. The costs of the all-wheel drive over the 4 × 2 is 2,000 euros and is available only if the blocks are formed in diesel.

Officially approves a combined consumption of 5.6 l/100 km, with emissions of 147 g / km of CO2. Its maximum speed is 198 km / h while the 0 to 100 km / h mark in 11.5 seconds it.

Its design: rounded fairly accurate
Aesthetically, the exterior, massed a number of nuances that remind us that this is a Citroën although their DNA to speak Japanese to be manufactured in Japan and developed based on the Mitsubishi ASX, as does the Peugeot 4008. Its engine is also Mitsubishi.

Rounded lines stand out in your front bumper hand framed by vertical daytime running lights, which are accompanied by a proper set of chrome grille and optics. We found more chrome trim strips in your profile, at the bottom, taken from the Exclusive finish, the highest and the window frame and on the tailgate. His back is notable for its simplicity, where they emphasize the shapes of the optical and the completion of the last of the pillars.

As for its dimensions, the C4 Aircross has a length of 4.34 meters, com a wheelbase of 2.67 meters and a height of 1.63 meters in width, with mirrors, of 2.12 meters.

Its interior, a striking contrast to the norm in the PSA
We went into his cabin, settled seats with electronic adjustment and we look around us. I am looking for any sign that reminds me of PSA. A control, some detail, the browser itself … outside appearance has been careful to maintain a strong cohesion with the rest of the range interior betrays its origin outside the group. This does not mean it will be worse or better, just crashing by the contrast with the features to which we are accustomed to, leaving us with a simple interior but with a good fit. The drive unit also features panoramic roof, a nice touch to give a greater feeling of spaciousness to the cabin.

The finish is somewhat spartan, especially well when you consider we just got off the DS5. Still, we find elements chrome, faux leather or soft rubber on the dash and plastics are not bad looking, adjustments have a good presence and I could not see any cricket. Bump in contrast clearly with the exterior design language Citroën and an interior where it is difficult to recognize some of the chevron mark. Between this unit, 4-wheel drive and my companion, who leads a unit 4 × 2, the only difference, beyond the mechanics, the central bridge roulette that allows us to configure the drive system.

Among the details of the cabin, we are in the center console with a touch screen where the browser, the parameters of the music or the rear view camera. Yes, the interface is rather simple and a somewhat coarse.

Their seats have a huge lateral grip, but very comfortable and are shown to travel as much valid for the day to day. Also in this unit are finished in leather and with electronic control that we are also heated. In both rows, both front seats and in rear seat, space is really good, maybe a little limited by the convenience of the central square, more uncomfortable than the other two positions flanking the back row.

In March, a pleasant surprise
Comes time to get going. A good driving position, with the shift lever to a good height and feel of the pedals and steering comfortable. An extra boost from just 2,000 rpm, dynamically let me taste good. No balances in excess, fast corners well digested and well absorbed irregularities suspensions of roads and paths that circulate. I like your address, direct, comfortable, not artificial … I do not subject them to excessive off-road test, but roads and looking for a loss of traction when cornering respond correctly to the system 4-wheel drive.

Of course, having the extra weight and the help of a drive shaft more penalized in consumption. My consumption, mixing driving roads, areas of curves at a rapid rate and secondary roads is about 8.4 l/100 km while my companion, with a drive unit to the front axle only marks a consumption of 7.6 l/100 km with the same route and a similar driving.

Last miles between small towns and lonely roads as the sun sets. We reached the point where a good number of C4 and the occasional Aircross DS5 Hybrid4 awaits us, it’s time to say goodbye not without acknowledging the good feeling that I have left this Aircross C4. One I liked driving, failing to require a bit more on steeper terrain, a pool with all the features of the French company and an interior that has shocked me a bit by not finding any evidence in the usual PSA . A simple look to your cabin, but snug and quiet.

The C4 Aircross, taking the pattern of access to basic finish Attraction and 1.6 petrol engine with 117 horsepower and front wheel drive has a starting price of 21,600 euros. In the case of the unit under test, with the finish Exclusive, the HDi 150 hp engine and 4-wheel drive starts from the 29,600 euros.

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