Chrysler seeks a more streamlined design for the future 300C and 200C

Speaking of the Chrysler 300C, Lancia Thema now is to talk about muscle, square lines of American dimensions, an entire king size. Okay, now chapurrea a little Italian, he calls himself has graced Thema and a bit more to strengthen its new European character, but outside that American remains square lines with a nearly vertical front design, in which as you can imagine, aerodynamics is not your strong point.

It now appears that Chrysler will keep in the wind tunnel longer 300C and 200C to the future, noting the increased growing importance of aerodynamics for the firm. It seems that in the future partner of Chrysler sedans and therefore, here in Europe, Lancia, have a more keen to subtract the wind resistance factor.

According to Automotive News, at a conference in Michigan, Ralph Gilles, chief designer of the firm, pointed to the need to work aerodynamics 200c and 300c of the future, from the 100 hours that were used in the current model at 200 300 hours to get better pinpoint the coefficient of future
Better aerodynamics that lies directly in lower fuel consumption, in exchange for losing so purely American design featuring the 300C, 200C at least present, a fact that even for many will be an advantage and also investing two to triple time in the design of aerodynamics. In addition, we can not ignore the one hand the control of Fiat, which will surely find a more European design to support reception of these sedans in Europe and on the other hand, we can not overlook the general shift in the sector was European design.

chrylser-300c-2009-2Definitely a change in the style of the 300C and 200C now leave us here in Europe with a Thema and Flavia that future generations will look for a less traditional, more sharp and probably better suited to European tastes.


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